IDEO Democracia Activa Peru

Fiction Media Group produced, illustrated and animated a three and a half minute piece promoting the design company IDEO’s efforts to enhance democracy in Peru. IDEO created a campaign to further the Peruvian government’s democratic process and worked with Fiction to help tell the world about their successes.

The goal was to explain the Actua Ya (translates to “Act Now”) campaign and its implementation in Peru. Fiction accomplished this by animating original illustrations to help explain the key concepts of their findings. We also incorporated design materials and photos from IDEO’s time in Peru.

Many of the political advertisements in Peru are painted on the sides of buildings and stone walls. Using this design aesthetic, Fiction recreated this visual direction throughout the piece – masking the illustrations and design elements on and off with brush strokes.

IDEO is a world-renowned international design firm based out of Palo Alto, California. Their innovative design consulting is changing the world of design products, services, environments, experiences and management.