TLC IPM Redesign

Fiction Media Group teamed up with the great people of The Dixon Collective to redesign the TLC Network’s IPMs (in-program message). Using TLC brand elements and existing style paradigms, we rethought how promos should appear during their programming. The challenge is to draw enough attention from the viewer so that the message is understood, but not to distract from the broadcast.

Through our creative brainstorming internally, with the Dixon Collective, and the producers at TLC we came up with several style frames that we all enjoyed. With the varied TLC programming and the quality and quantity of Fiction’s redesigns, it was agreed that a single IPM was not enough. The next generation IPM for TLC would exist as four separate designs that could each be used and interchanged.

Fiction prepared each show for the upcoming season into each of the relevant IPM designs. This toolkit was provided to TLC’s broadcast staff for easy implementation of each IPM as it is needed throughout the television season.

TLC, formally The Learning Channel, is a part of the Discovery family of television networks. TLC programming represents a wide variety of reality-based, informative shows that are typically for the entire family.