Risque Business Open

Show creator Dan Marks asked Fiction Media Group to help create a show open for Risque Business, a show about the launch of a new lingerie line from an established Los Angeles clothing company. Using the model footage from the shoot, we designed backdrops, design illustration, color themes and motion that complete the intimate, soft look the show producers were after.

We started by chroma keying 40+ shots from the open footage including the models, sewing tools, hands, and the clothing – including the lace. We then inserted our original fashion illustrations and composited their masks and textures. The background color, softness and texture was carefully designed to frame and compliment the models. We made the open soft and approachable with the added color correction and diffusion.

Risque Business follows the three main characters within a clothing line launch. The designer, the business manager, and the boss clash as crucial decisions are made and a lingerie line is born.